Monday, August 13, 2012

Wedding Details Part I

I'm a pretty detail-oriented person, so wedding planning for me meant personalizing every single little detail possible.  For those who follow my blog, you may remember we asked our bridal party to be part of our special day via cookie (how else?)  with these little guys:

My bridesmaids' dresses were turquoise chiffon with a darker turquoise sash. The dresses alone were beautiful, but needed a little something extra. So my mother and I picked up some really pretty rhinestone brooches and she gave them as gifts to my girls at my bridal shower.

It gave the dress a nice focal point and blended nicely with the jewelery I gave each of my bridesmaids as a gift for being part of my wedding.

Brandy at hotmixcold made the lovely swarovski crystal bead and pearl necklaces, with matching earrings.

I got my sister, the matron of honor, something a little different so she would stand out.  From luxedeluxe

The necklaces looked so pretty on them! I also felt they were classic looking enough to be worn again and again.

 I also gave my bridesmaids these great champagne glasses with dresses painted on them to look like their dresses - from samdesigns22.

Next up: Groomsmen!


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