Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wedding Continued: Groomsmen!

      Next up we have our groomsmen!  They wore turquoise ties and napkins to match our bridesmaids dresses.


     Picking out gifts for them was a little more tricky than for our bridesmaids. For the girls, I knew all along that I would like to get them jewelry, it was just a matter of deciding what style.  For the guys, we really had no idea and it took a lot of brainstorming.  Each guy is so different and we didn't want to settle and just get them a monogrammed beer mug, which they might already even have. 

     We were really going for "timeless" with the gifts we gave our bridal party - we wanted them to be special first and foremost, but also last a long time and be used again and again. 

      My husband came up with the idea to get them pocket watches.  I loved it! The timelessness, the revival of something "old and lost." I knew most of them probably wouldn't have one already, so it was perfect. Luckily, they loved them as much as we did!

To match the champagne flutes I got for my bridesmaids, we also got our groomsmen these fun whiskey glasses from ArtsyAsh101.


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