Friday, October 19, 2012

Wedding Details Continued!

Last Wedding Post....promise!

If you know me personally, you would know I have an affinity for paper.  I'm really quite obsessed. I love the feel of it, the texture, the assortment, the smell... yes even the smell.  So its no wonder I have stacks and stacks of it in all kind of varieties.  When I'm not creating things with sugar or working in Illustrator on the laptop,  I'm making something with paper!

So when it came time to pick out the paper goods for my wedding, such as invitations, programs, place cards - I was all set to go!

I wanted our invitations to look classy but still have that handmade quality that I love so much.  So I teamed up with the lovely Plum Blossom Paperie to create what I had in mind. 

They printed up my invitations, response cards and envelopes for me and provided me with the die cut sleeve for the invitation. I picked up the ribbon, (my other obsession) rhinestone buttons and rhinestone accents and spent an entire day putting these babies together. A little tedious when you have over 100 to do, but it was worth the paper cuts and glue gun burns when the product came out to be just what I wanted.

Invitation making turned me onto a whole new world of glorious papers....the shimmery kind! I have never been more in love with a single sheet of paper.

Next project was our wedding programs and place cards. I wanted all of the paper goods for the wedding to have a cohesive look, so I used the same kinds of shimmery papers. I did have to do a little investigating to find a shimmery paper that was inkjet safe.

I designed the programs in Illustrator with a little touch of a turquoise damask pattern on the top. I went a different route from the traditional booklet form. It was more of a wedding ceremony summary. Finishing touches was adding a thicker piece of cardstock to the back for support and a cute little black ribbon to cover the seam between the pattern and the rest of the program.

Next up: Place Cards

The place cards were fun and simple to do - until some of our guests started responding at the last minute causing issues with our seating arrangements. I had to redo a few tables a couple of times.  Not fun when you're trying to prepare things ahead of time!  I just cut and folded shimmery black card stock and adhered the guests name and table number to each card. I added a little rhinestone to each card for a touch of sparkle.  I love that hot fix pen - so much fun.

Last but not least, our favor tags.  I purchased these from a great shop on Etsy - FaithfulCrafter.
She loves paper just as much as I do!   I would have loved to make the tags myself, but for anyone planning a wedding, you know its just not possible to fit everything in. Etsy never fails me when I'm looking for something very specific.

  That concludes the showcase of all paper goods used at our wedding :)  Now here's a cute picture of our adorable cake topper made by MilkTea on Etsy. It's too cute not to share!